Colored mulch (Red, Gold & Dark Brown):  $32.00/yard
Blonde mulch:   $15.00/yard
Cedar mulch:   $44.00/yard
Hardwood mulch (ground once):  $10.00/yard
Premium mulch (ground twice):  $14.00/yard
* Contractor rates available.  Please call the office at 651-459-1556 for quote.

Minnesota D.O.T. Certified Compost:   $10.00/yard
Screened Compost:  $19.00/yard
Top Soil:   $12.00/yard
Screened Top Soil:  $19.00/yard
Farm Post (mixture of top soil, fines, & manure):   $22.00/yard
Garden Mix (mixture of compost, top soil & sand):  $19.00/yard
Fill Sand:  $5.00/yard

1 1/2 inch Limestone:   $30.00/yard
1 1/2 inch Washed River Rock:   $53.00/yard
2 inch - 8 inch Washed River Rock:  $58.00/yard
Class 5:   $22.00/yard
Screened Sand:   $26.00/yard
Bryan Red Rock:   $47.00/yard
Landscape Boulders:  Priced according to size

$80.00 for local delivery (Cottage Grove, Grey Cloud Island, St. Paul Park and Newport)
$100.00 for South Metro delivery area
$140.00 for delivery in the Twin Cites outside the South Metro area
For delivery outside the Twin Cities area, please call 651-459-1556 for delivery rate quote.